Jan 15, 2009

Are we Americans going to fall for this anymore?

We have $500 screwdrivers in our Army.
We have doctors who push certain medicines on us for the kickback from the pharmaceutical companies.
And now we have the CPSIA with its repetitious redundant testing for lead in materials.

The end product is what must be 3rd party tested for lead

If the manufacturer's themselves where the ones required to test their materials only one test per material would be necessary.

But no, we sellers (crafters, seamstresses, toymakers, hobbiests) must obtain the testing so the same materials will have to be tested at HIGH COST TO A 3RD PARTY LAB over and over and over and over again.

Alice Crafter will have to have say brown Fimo clay tested for lead
So will Betsy Crafter
And Crissy Crafter
and so on.........

Whereas the clay manufacturer would only have to certify it lead free ONCE!

Are you seeing this new million dollar industry???

And where do you fall in the picture? Are you the small business who is going to go out of business over it? Or the consumer who will ultimately eat this waste of more American dollars?


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