Dec 13, 2008

A Little Irish Lass is Born

Recently I was commissioned by a certain watch connoisseur to make a baby ensemble for his family member who was expecting a girl. She arrived 6 weeks ago! Bouncing, healthy and gorgeous!!!

Okay so I'm a little late but I had extremely good excuses and I think I'm forgiven.

This is a vintage Annie's Attic pattern that I've always loved.

My very first granddaughter has one in pink stored away now for her future children. It is a BUNTING & BONNET made of a very soft cream baby yarn.

I changed the bonnet design a little. I didn't like the pom pom in the pattern so simply wove the ribbon along the long rectangle edge rather than sew it together and pulled it drawstring style to create a rounded back to the bonnet. Much cuter!

And from this awesome crochet pattern book titled Adorable Crochet for Babies and Toddlers by Lesley Stanfield I then embarked on making this gorgeous Traditional Smock dress.

Again I changed the pattern a bit. For one thing, good luck finding the discontinued yarn the pattern called for. After much searching and then waiting for it to cross over the sea I obtained a 1 pound cone of very fine 90% wool and 10% nylon waxed yarn that is washable.

I then held my breath as I tested the gauge and it matched! The sleeves didn't look long enough so more rows were added for good measure.

Now I love crafts of any kind and dabble in lots of them but sewing isn't among my favorites. My sewing machine has very few miles on it. So I had never smocked anything before in my entire life. It took about an hour of experimenting to get it down pat. Then it was a breeze! (Save yourself that hour and follow the instructions.)

Since the dress is made of wool and the babe is a girl this adorable Little Bo Peep with her Sheep gift box was the perfect choice to make this ensemble complete!

I'm finishing up a little pair of socks and tying up a special gift for Mommy to enjoy herself and this package goes out in the mail on Monday!

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MorgansMummy said...

Damn, I can barely hand sew a hole up lol. Thats an awesome little outfit! Very cute.

RecycleCindy said...

What a wonderful crocheted dress! It is so cute and and I love the smocking you did. Outstanding job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great posts from last year! I always get great information from your blog. God bless you this 2010.

Anonymous said...

My family LOVED this outfit. It went a long way towards removing some of the tarnish from this family black sheep ;) My sister had it sealed and stored as a family heirloom. Thanks again!